Investigation into the Labour Party


We have launched an investigation into allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party.

About the investigation

We contacted the Labour Party after receiving a number of complaints about allegations of antisemitism in the party.

We have carefully considered the response we have received from the Party and have opened a formal investigation.

We are using our powers under the Equality Act to open an investigation, which will look at:

  • whether unlawful acts have been committed by the Party or its employees or agents
  • the steps taken by the Party to implement the recommendations made in the reports on antisemitism by Baroness Royall, the Home Affairs Select Committee and in the Chakrabarti Report
  • whether the Rule Book and the Party‚Äôs investigatory and disciplinary processes have enabled or could enable it to deal efficiently and effectively with complaints of race or religion or belief discrimination and racial harassment or victimisation, including whether appropriate sanctions have been or could be applied
  • whether the Party has responded to complaints of unlawful acts in a lawful, efficient and effective manner

Any communications about the investigation may be sent to

Information or evidence received from individuals will be considered as part of the investigation. We cannot confirm that we will act on every email received.

The deadline for submitting information or evidence relating to the matters under investigation prior to the Commission producing its draft report has now closed and we will not consider any further submissions received.

Please redirect any media queries to

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Next steps

Once our investigation has finished we will publish a report of our findings, which may include recommendations. 

Last updated: 19 Jun 2020