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Working Forward: pledge your support

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Fill out my online form.
Pledge: I pledge to make my workplace the best it can be for pregnant women and new mothers

The pledge

The Working Forward pledge is simple and voluntary for employers in Britain.

We have identified four key areas that make a real difference to the experiences of employers and employees alike. Below are some suggestions as to how you can go about making these happen. You should think about which of these works best for your business, these may differ depending on your size and company culture.

We recommend getting started by taking action in two of the areas below.

There are also examples from companies already benefiting from these practices.

1. Demonstrating leadership from the top down: ensuring that everyone in the company is aware of policies and commitments and are on board so that it becomes part of the culture. For example, by:

  • Appointing a gender diversity champion in your senior leadership team and ensuring their visibility company-wide.

2. Ensuring confident employees: ensure they know about pregnancy and maternity policies, and feel secure and confident to talk to line managers. For example, by:

  • Appointing a return to work buddy or coach for new mothers

3. Training and supporting line managers: making it clear that a pregnancy in the workplace does not have to be difficult: the key thing is for a line manager to talk to their employee and ensure that both feel well supported. For example, by:

4. Offering flexible working practices: flexible working works for businesses and for people. Technology for example allows us to work from a greater range of locations and at different hours. It’s also about thinking more creatively about the different types of flexibility and how they can be integrated into the business. This could include flexitime, part-time working, job sharing and shifts. For example, by:

  • Informing employees of the various types of flexible or agile working practices available to them.

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Last updated: 09 Mar 2017