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Why join Working Forward?

When you join Working Forward, you’ll become a member of a network of like-minded organisations committed to making their workplaces inclusive for everyone regardless of background.

Membership is completely free and open to any organisation.  

Membership benefits

Your membership benefits include:

  • access to the community of member organisations
  • exclusive training events and webinars
  • inside knowledge and expertise on best practice from other members
  • regular updates from the Working Forward e-newsletter
  • the opportunity to contribute to new workplace policies and guidance

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Benefits for your people and your business

By joining Working Forward, you: 

  • show your commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • help remove barriers to career progression and pay equality for women, ethnic minorities and disabled people
  • improve retention rates
  • develop trust and better communication between management and employees
  • demonstrate to all your staff that you have their interests at heart

Working Forward is the right thing to do - for them, for you, for your people and for your business.

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Why is Working Forward needed?

British society is becoming increasingly diverse and this is reflected in our workplaces too. Progressive employers who want to attract and retain the best staff understand that there can be barriers to becoming an inclusive workplace and are taking steps to remove these. That’s why we want to bring together a network of employers to share “what works” to remove these barriers, no matter what stage they are at. Members will also be encouraged to talk to us and each other about any concerns, challenges or new emerging issues on the horizon without fear of judgement. 

Working Forward aims to share best practice, show what is possible and ensure that our workplaces are the best they can be for everyone. 

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Last updated: 19 Sep 2019