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Who runs Wales?

Examining our leadership in 2017

'Who runs Wales?' examines the leadership across Wales to better understand who hold positions of power and influence and how representative that leadership is. 

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has asked the question 'Who runs Wales?' four times previously. In 2014 (the last time we asked this question), we reported slow progress towards achieving equality in positions of power in Wales and encouraged more representative decision making, better gender balance in public appointments, with leaders taking positive action and making commitments to targets, where appropriate. In 2017, despite some welcome improvements, the position has not changed as much as we would have hoped.

June Milligan, Chair of the Wales Committee, explains:

“The question of who holds the power to influence life in Wales has never been more relevant. The 2016 EU Referendum re-engaged people across the United Kingdom with the question of who makes the decisions affecting our lives and livelihood. Further devolution through the Wales Act 2017 means that more important decisions are being made in Wales.”