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A review of access to NHS gender reassignment services (England only)

The Commission has prepared this England only review in response to concerns expressed by trans advocacy groups and individuals that they experience particular difficulties accessing NHS gender reassignment services. The NHS is subject to the public sector equality duty and to the Human Rights Act and both of those have implications for how the NHS delivers gender reassignment services.

Although the Health and Social Care Bill 2011 is still under parliamentary scrutiny, preparation for the restructuring of the NHS is underway, including changes to the way in which NHS services are commissioned. This report is intended to feed into current thinking and decisions on how gender reassignment services can be provided in the new NHS structure.

The review draws on available qualitative research, views from trans individuals, trans advocacy groups and clinicians, as well as a desk analysis by the Commission of publicly available Primary Care Trust and Specialist Commissioning Group policies on the commissioning of gender reassignment services. It builds on the 'Trans Research Review' conducted for the Commission in 2009 and which highlighted the inequalities and discrimination trans people face in the UK. It will be of interest to medical, health policy and legal professionals and members of the trans community.

This is the second edition of this report, which has been revised to amend an academic reference and to remove references to various Real Life Experience policies, following feedback

Download: A review of access to NHS gender reassignment services (Word)

Last updated: 20 Apr 2016