A teacher in a classroom of pupils

Lesson 12 - Taking action


Students brainstorm the benefits of human rights and equality to their own lives and their community. You can then choose for them to create a visual display of talking heads that promote the benefits to their school or they could work in role of equality and human rights champions, pledging to take some form of action that will help to defend and promote equality and human rights in their community.

Download the teacher notes for the full lesson plan and guidance on how to deliver the activities.  

Learning objectives

  • Appreciate the benefits and importance of equality and human rights.
  • Be able to promote and protect equality and human rights in my school and community.

Subject links

  • Citizenship
  • English
  • Drama
  • Art


Note: lesson timings are a suggestion only and will depend on your teaching style, student ability and length of discussion. You could choose to run some lessons across a double period.

Last updated: 29 Jan 2019