A teacher in a classroom of pupils

Lesson 10 - Balancing human rights


To start to appreciate how people’s human rights can conflict and why they need to be limited, students review a legal case between Naomi Campbell and the Mirror. They learn that most human rights can be limited but some are absolute, and then take on the role of Head Teacher to review a number of scenarios and decide if human rights should be limited or not. They finish by discussing the limits of different human rights.

Download the teacher notes for the full lesson plan and guidance on how to deliver the activities.  

Learning objectives

  • Understand that some human rights can be limited and restricted.
  • Understand that some human rights are absolute.
  • Understand that human rights need to be balanced to protect individuals and wider society.

Subject links

  • Citizenship
  • English
  • Drama


Note: lesson timings are a suggestion only and will depend on your teaching style, student ability and length of discussion. You could choose to run some lessons across a double period.

Last updated: 29 Jan 2019