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    Published: 30 Nov 2015

    Fairness is not just one of our most quintessentially British values but probably the most contested word in our political lexicon. If ever proof were needed, this week’s events in Westminster make this plain. Whether it is the lively debate about tax credits and in-work poverty, how we respond ...

  • Last updated: 26 Jun 2017

    The Commission has significant powers to become involved in legal cases that are within the areas of Equality and Human Rights. Examples of these legal cases can be found on this page.

  • Last updated: 21 May 2018

    The Commission's Library has a selection of equality themed reports which can be found on this page.

  • Last updated: 04 Apr 2018

    A summary of our major achievements over the last three years.

  • Last updated: 04 May 2018

    The Scotland Committee is a statutory decision-making committee and is responsible for ensuring the overall work of the Commission reflects the needs and priorities of the people of Scotland.

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