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  • Public sector equality duty in Scotland

    Last updated: 21 Dec 2016

    In this section you will find information and resources relating to the public sector equality duty in Scotland.

  • Legal work in Scotland

    Last updated: 15 Feb 2018

    This section provides details of the work being carried out by the Commission's legal team in Scotland.

  • Human rights in Scotland

    This section contains information, guidance and materials on human rights in Scotland.

  • How to contact the Scotland office

    Last updated: 15 Jun 2017

    Here you can find all the details to contact the Commission's Scotland office.

  • About the Commission in Wales

    Last updated: 25 Jan 2017

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Wales champions equality and human rights for all, working to eliminate discrimination, reduce inequality, protect human rights and to build good relations.

  • Our work in Wales

    Last updated: 19 Dec 2017

    In this section you will find information on the many areas of work the Commission carries out in Wales.

  • Wales advice and guidance

    Last updated: 02 Feb 2017

    Advice and guidance in Wales including Public Sector Equality Duty guidance.

  • Human rights in Wales

    Learn about human rights and our work in Wales. Human Rights are the basic rights and freedoms, based on core principles like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and autonomy.

  • Know your rights

    Find out more about your rights under the Equality Act 2010 and how it protects different characteristics.

  • Equality Act 2010

    Equality Act guidance and information for employers, workers, service users/providers and education providers including updates and links to related resources.

  • Equality Act FAQs

    Frequently asked questions related to The Equality Act 2010.

  • How fair is Britain?

    Last updated: 03 Apr 2018

    Find out how much progress Britain is making against equality, human rights and good relation indicators.

  • Trans inequalities reviewed

    Findings from the Trans Research Review unveiling discrimination faced by Trans people.

  • Freedom of expression

    Last updated: 10 Feb 2017

  • Race in Britain

    Five major police forces have improved their potentially unlawful use of stop and search powers, while continuing to see a reduction in crime rates, following a programme of work initiated by the Commission.

  • Care and support

    Last updated: 08 Jan 2018

    We joined forces with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to produce equality and human rights guidance for compliance inspectors and registration assessors.

  • Gypsies and Travellers: simple solutions for living together

    Last updated: 23 Oct 2017

    Our report on how some local councils in England are meeting of meeting the needs of Gypsies and Travellers.

  • Contact us

    Last updated: 03 Apr 2018

    Get in touch with the Commission or the Equality and Advisory Support Service if you need expert information, advice and support on discrimination.

  • Higher Education Provider Guidance

  • Guidance on procuremen

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