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  • Advice and guidance

  • Guidance for serv users

  • Disability and air travel

  • Delivering servic and the law

  • Dismissal, redund and retirement

  • Guidance for serv providers

  • Making fair financial decision

  • Case studies for regulators, inspectorates

  • Legal responses

    Last updated: 29 Jan 2018

    Find out how to contact us to take a case and read about our responses to legal cases, public consultations and parliamentary briefings.

  • Legal casework

    Last updated: 23 Nov 2021

    Find out more about our legal work in action and read details of legal cases that we're involved with.

  • Our powers

    Last updated: 12 Nov 2019

    The Commission is the regulatory body responsible for enforcing the Equality Act 2010. We are also accredited by the United Nations as an “A status” national human rights institution. Our duties include reducing inequality, eliminating discrimination and promoting and protecting human rights.

  • What are human rights?

    Last updated: 19 Jun 2019

    Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to all of us, from birth until death. We explore where they come from and how they can help you.

  • The Human Rights Act

    Last updated: 15 Nov 2018

    The Human Rights Act allows you to defend your rights in UK courts and ensures that public organisations respect and protect your human rights.

  • Exercising your human rights

    Last updated: 06 Aug 2018

    We advise how people what they need to do if their human rights have been breached and they want to take action.

  • Our human rights work

    Last updated: 11 Jun 2021

    We work to promote awareness, understanding and protection of human rights. We also encourage public authorities to comply with the Human Rights Act.

  • What we do

    Last updated: 22 Sep 2021

    In this section you can find out more about what we do, our achievements, and the strategic approach we take.

  • About the Commission in Scotland

    Last updated: 18 Feb 2019

    An introduction to our work in Scotland.

  • Scottish news

    Last updated: 19 May 2021

    The latest news and announcements from the Commission in Scotland.

  • Our work in Scotland

    Last updated: 27 Nov 2018

    Here you will find details of the main programmes of work being undertaken by the Commission in Scotland.

  • Legal work in Scotland

    Last updated: 16 Sep 2020

    This section provides details of the work being carried out by the Commission's legal team in Scotland.

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