What equality law means for your business

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  • Any organisation providing a service

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First published: 01 Apr 2014

This is the cover of What equality law means for your business

This guide is for you if your business provides any goods, facilities or services to members of the public. When you do this, equality law applies to you.

It does not matter whether you give the service for free (for example, giving someone information about your paid-for services) or if you charge for it. It does not matter if you are set up as a sole trader, a partnership, a limited company or any other legal structure. The size of your business does not matter either. Equality law applies to you.

Equality law affects everyone responsible for running your business or who might do something on its behalf, including staff if you have them.

This guide tells you how you can avoid all the different types of unlawful discrimination. We give you an overview of how equality law applies to all businesses, and then we go on to look at particular issues that businesses providing goods, facilities or services in different sectors may need to think about when considering what equality law requires them to do

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