Is Wales Fairer? (2018)


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First published: 25 Oct 2018

The state of equality and human rights 2018

is britain fairer 2018 is wales fairer

This is the most comprehensive review of how Wales is performing on equality and human rights.

It looks across all areas of life, including:

  • education
  • work
  • living standards
  • health
  • justice and security
  • participation in society

It provides a complete picture of people’s life chances in Wales today.

This is the Welsh supplement to our report on equality and human rights progress in England, Scotland and Wales, Is Britain Fairer? (2018).

Download as PDF, 6MB Download easy read version, 7.5MB (Word) Lawr lwytho fersiwn Cymraeg, 6MB (PDF) Lawrlwythwch fersiwn hawdd ei darllen, 1.5MB (PDF)