Understanding the Legal Definitions of Discrimination and Unlawful Behaviour in the Equality Act 2010: Guidance for Small Business

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First published: 22 Mar 2013

This is the cover of Understanding legal definitions of discrimination and unlawful behaviour in the Equality Act 2010 - guidance for small businesses

This guide gives a brief overview of the legal definitions and types of discrimination and harassment set out in the Equality Act 2010.

The Equality Act sets out your responsibilities as an employer and how you provide services to the public. The Act means treating everyone fairly, with dignity and respect.

Your business’s policies for recruitment, promotion and management of staff should help you to stay within the law, attract talented employees and get the best out of them. Businesses which recruit from the widest possible talent pool will attract the best staff. Workplace policies that prevent discrimination and harassment, and that allow your employees to balance their work and home lives, will help you to retain workers and reduce your recruitment costs.

By being aware of the diverse needs of your customers, you could identify new products and markets. Your customers’ buying decisions are also influenced by your reputation.

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