Show Racism the Red Card: evaluating anti-prejudice projects

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First published: 09 Nov 2017

Publication cover: Show Racism the Red Card

Evaluating the impact of anti-racism educational interventions on the attitudes of young people in secondary school education

This report evaluates the success of Show Racism the Red Card's initiative to change attitudes of secondary school children. 

The initiative aimed to:

  • equip young people with a better understanding of what racism is and how it affects individuals and society
  • increase young people’s awareness of the responsibility to challenge racism in themselves and others, and how this can be done
  • increase young people’s awareness of critical thinking and its usefulness in challenging stereotypes and recognising media bias
  • enable young people to gain more knowledge about appropriate and inappropriate terminology relating to ethnicity and race

The evaluation looked at two schools in England.

Show Racism the Red Card is the UK’s anti-racism educational charity, which uses football to help tackle racism in society. 

The Commission is looking at what works in tackling prejudice, discrimination and identity-based harassment and violence in Britain.

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