Housing and disabled people: a toolkit for local authorities in Wales

Advice and Guidance

Who is this page for?

  • local authorities

Which countries is it relevant to?

    • Wales


First published: 18 Oct 2018

This toolkit is for local authority elected members in Wales, particularly those involved in housing and planning.

It aims to support them to:

  • consider housing for disabled people in their strategies and plans
  • involve disabled people in a meaningful way
  • share best practice
  • help with scrutiny of local authority housing policies and practices

It covers:

  • your equality duties and housing
  • what 'good' looks like: policy development
  • what 'good' looks like in practice

It can be used by:

  • cabinet members
  • scrutiny members
  • members in their front-line role: managing casework or engaging with the community

We have produced a separate toolkit for disabled people and organisations that support disabled people. 

Download as PDF Download Welsh language version (PDF)