Financial services inquiry: Sex discrimination and gender pay gap report of the Equality and Human Rights Commission

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First published: 01 Sep 2009

This is the cover of the Financial services inquiry publication

The financial services sector is a significant contributor to the UK economy. In 2008, it provided 1.3m jobs in Britain, employing around four per cent of the workforce. Men and women make up almost equal proportions of employees within the sector.

This report focuses primarily on the financial services, sub-sectors of banking and building societies, so-called ‘auxiliary activities’, and holding companies. Its scope extends from regional high-street banks to investment houses in and around the City of London, and in terms of jobs, from high-street bank cashiers to investment bankers.

The report covers four geographical areas: London, England outside London, Scotland and Wales. Evidence of organisational practices was gathered through questionnaires sent to 50 companies, all of whom responded.

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