Fairer Scotland Duty: Socio-economic requirements research report

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First published: 11 Sep 2018

Cover of Socio-Economic Requirements research report

This research report looks at how duties on public sector bodies in Scotland have worked to reduce socio-economic disadvantage.

Socio-economic disadvantage may arise from a range of factors, including: 

  • poverty
  • health
  • education
  • limited social mobility
  • housing
  • a lack of expectations

The Fairer Scotland Duty came into force in April 2018, to ensure that public sector bodies consider how they can reduce socio-economic disadvantage when making important decisions.

Before the Fairer Scotland Duty came into force, we commissioned Wellside Research to look at what public bodies in Scotland had learnt when putting requirements from existing law into place to address socio-economic disadvantage.

This report and summary report looks at the results of that research. 

Summary report: download as PDF Summary report: download as Word Full report: download as PDF Full Report - download as Word