Equality and human rights law during an election period: guidance for local authorities, candidates and political parties

Advice and Guidance

Who is this page for?

  • Public sector

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First published: 01 Mar 2015

This is the cover for Equality and human rights law during an election period publication

What is the aim of this publication?

This publication provides guidance about how the legal framework for equality and human rights law operates in England, Scotland and Wales during local and national elections. If issues arise, it should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Who is it for?

This guide is for local authority senior managers and returning officers. It is also for political parties, including candidates and regional and constituency staff, and should be of interest to police and crime commissioners, the police and the general public.

What is inside?

  • freedom of expression and free and fair elections
  • guidance for political parties and candidates
  • guidance for local authorities
  • restrictions on freedom of expression prescribed by law
  • how to complain and the role of regulators
  • how to report hate crime

Updated April 2017.

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