Equality Act 2010: Summary Guidance on Services, Public Functions and Associations

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  • Any organisation providing a service

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First published: 01 Sep 2014

This is the cover of Equality Act 2010: summary guidance on services, mpublic functions and associations publication

This summary guide is part of a series written by the Commission to explain equality rights and duties. These guides support the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 and discusses how protection from unlawful discrimination is provided by the Equality Act in relation to: age; disability; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity (which includes breastfeeding); race; religion and belief; sex; and sexual orientation.

The full list of guides on services is:

  • Associations, clubs and societies
  • Businesses
  • Criminal and civil justice
  • Health and social care
  • Criminal and civil justice systems and national security
  • Local council and central government and immigration
  • Parliaments, politicians and political parties
  • Voluntary and community sector organisations, including charities

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