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Scotland public sector equality duty projects

Research reports

Effectiveness of the PSED Specific Duties in Scotland

This report looks at how well the Scottish Public Sector Equality Duty specific duties help public bodies achieve their equality obligations. 

Mitigating Action within Scottish public bodies

Research looking at the effectiveness of Equality Impact Assessments in reducing negative impact of policy changes on equality groups. Download Mitigating action within Scottish public bodies (PDF)

Counting the Cost

Our report sets out the findings, which have significant implications, particularly given the current economic climate. Download Counting the Cost (PDF)

Projects and assessments

Measuring Up? 

Monitoring the public sector equality duty in Scotland and public authority performance in meeting the Specific Duties. Find out more about Measuring Up? 

Improving Equality Outcomes

A report following 'Measuring up?' to ensure equality outcomes were clear and measurable. Read the Improving Equality Outcomes report

Better Policy, Better Lives: Section 31 Assessment

Section 31 Assessment into Scottish Ministers’ Progress in Meeting the Public Sector Equality Duties (PSED). Read the Better Policy, Better Lives report

Equality and human rights impact assessment

Equality Impact Assessments have proven to be an important mechanism for building equality into the development of policies and practices across the public sector in Scotland. Find out more about the equality and human rights impact assessment project

Fostering Understanding, Reducing Prejudice and Setting Equality Outcomes

A project to identify good practice examples by public authorities in Scotland. Find out more about the Commission's work on good relations in Scotland

Last updated: 19 Feb 2019