Primary school children

Learning area 4: Learn about the meaning of community

The aim of ‘Exploring jobs in my community’ is to give pupils more of an understanding of the breadth of employment opportunities through looking at their own community. The section starts by asking pupils to consider what community means, and understanding that they themselves belong to all different kinds of communities.

The involvement of parents is key here, with parents encouraged to come into the school to participate in their children’s learning. Parental buy-in is likely to increase chances of programme success, enhancing pupil retention of important messages. There is also much value in pupils seeing how real people that they know fit in to the world of work.

There are likely to be some good positive examples of non-stereotypical job choices within the community and these should be capitalised on where possible. These messages are also reinforced by the downloads provided.

Learning outcomes


  • understand that they belong to different groups and communities, including school and family 
  • recognise that there are different people in the community who can help us in different ways at different times 
  • recognise and respect diversity within their local community 
  • identify and describe some of the jobs in the community 
  • survey members of the local community and present back results
  • analyse and discuss data
  • understand that jobs are different during different periods of history.

Subject links

  • PSHE
  • Citizenship
  • English

Last updated: 04 Mar 2019