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Equal Choices, Equal Chances is a set of free online education resources to help deliver careers and equality-related learning to Key Stage 2 students.

  • Why teach careers and equality at Key Stage 2?

    It’s never too early for children to develop their understanding and start learning about careers and educational opportunities, and many already are. Children in the upper years of primary can be inspired, and form their first clear impressions of the world of work and future study.

  • Equal Choices, Equal Chances - Films

    Watch a short, music-driven piece, designed to inspire and excite children about the world of work and their futures, as well as challenging some of the stereotypical thinking they might have around certain jobs.

  • Lesson activity ideas

    Here you'll find lesson activity ideas in five key themed learning areas.

  • Primary education resource acknowledgements

    Acknowledgement of those individuals, experts, schools and institutions that worked with the Commission in producing these resources.

  • Primary education resource testimonials

    Testimonials from education specialists on the resources available in this section.

  • Supporting Anti-Bullying Week 2017

    Anti-Bullying Week shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year.

  • Tips for tackling discriminatory bullying

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission and the Anti-Bullying Alliance have worked together to develop some tips for schools and education authorities on how to reduce discriminatory bullying.

Last updated: 12 Jan 2018