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Prejudice and unlawful behaviour

Our work to understand the links between prejudice, discrimination and unlawful behaviour in Britain.

It brings together our research on prejudice and hate crime, anti-prejudice projects and trials looking at behaviours in the workplace.

Prejudice and unlawful behaviour

Our research and reports relating to prejudice, discrimination and hate crime, including guidance for evaluating anti-prejudice work.

Anti-prejudice projects

We looked at a range of anti-prejudice projects to try and find out what works to reduce identity-based hostility, abuse and hate crime in Britain.

  • Kumon Y'all

    A befriending project aiming to break down the racial and cultural divide between Muslims and non-Muslims in West Yorkshire.

  • One Globe Kids

    An app and website helping challenge prejudice and stereotypes by letting children ‘meet’ friends in other countries and cultures.

  • Race on the Agenda

    Workshops on the Equality Act and Public Sector Equality Duty to help organisations understand what they must do.

  • Show Racism the Red Card

    Workshops for children in primary and secondary schools, using football to help pupils recognise and respond to racism in an appropriate way.

Behavioural insights trials

We teamed up with the Behavioural Insights Team to trial ways of improving the experiences of pregnant women and new mothers in the workplace.


Last updated: 19 Feb 2019