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Gender pay gap: our enforcement action

What are we doing about organisations who don't follow the rules?

It is a legal requirement for all relevant employers to publish their gender pay gap information.

The deadline for employers to report their gender pay gap information is the same every year:

  • for public sector employers: midnight on 30 March
  • for private and voluntary sector employers: midnight on 4 April

Find out more about gender pay gap reporting.

Failed to report: 2019

On Monday 20 May 2019 we wrote to 47 organisations who failed to report their gender pay gap information this year, to let them know that we will start formal investigations and assessments. The organisations are:

Public sector

  1. Academy Transformation Trust
  2. Bright Tribe Trust
  3. Burnt Mill Academy Trust
  4. Every Child, Every Day Academy Trust

Private sector

  1. Abbotsford Care (Glenrothes) Limited
  2. Aberdeen Sports Village Limited
  3. Associated Waste Management Limited
  4. C.M. Downton (Haulage Contractors) Limited
  5. Cherry Lane Retail Centres Limited
  6. Conduent Business Process Solutions Limited
  7. Crendon Timber Engineering Limited
  8. Derwent Facilities Management Limited
  9. Distell International Limited
  10. E F Language Schools Limited
  11. Food Utopia Limited
  12. Galaxy Optical Services Limited
  13. Grosvenor Cleaning Services Limited
  14. Gulfstream Aerospace, Ltd
  15. Hc Facility Management Limited
  16. Homes Caring For Autism Limited
  17. Kondor Limited
  18. Lewis's Home Retail Limited
  19. Livability
  20. Maitland Recruitment Services Limited
  21. Mizkan Euro Ltd.
  22. Naylor Drainage Ltd
  23. Optare Group Ltd
  24. P&A Food Management Services Limited
  25. Pho Trading Limited
  26. Pure Collection Limited
  27. Refresco Beverages Uk Limited
  28. Refresco Drinks Uk Limited
  29. Rigid Containers Limited
  30. Robinson Medical Recruitment Limited
  31. Roseberry Care Centres Gb Limited
  32. Steve Hoskin Construction Limited
  33. Sydenhams Ltd
  34. The Practice Surgeries Limited
  35. The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Westminster
  36. The Wales Community Rehabilitation Company Limited
  37. The Westbury Hotel Limited
  38. Trident Reach The People Charity
  39. Tudor Employment Agency Limited
  40. Ultima Business Solutions Ltd.
  41. Utilisoft Limited
  42. Wolfson Trago Limited
  43. Worldwide Flight Services Limited

We also recently named three organisations who failed to report on time two years in a row. However, they have since reported.

What action are we taking?

On Friday 7 June 2019 we announced that we will start an assessment into Academy Transformation Trust:

We are also conducting investigations into Pho Trading Limited, P&A Food Management Services Limited, E F Language Schools Limited and Lewis's Home Retail Limited:

The terms of reference for our assessment and investigations have been sent to each organisation.

For further information about relevant timelines and what action we take against employers who don't follow the rules, please see our gender pay gap enforcement policy.

Last updated: 17 Jun 2019