Who runs Wales 2017 Infographic

Who runs Wales? 2017 infographic

Who Runs Wales? 2017

Chief Executives

Women remain underrepresented in Chief Executive roles across most sectors:

14% Local Authorities

27% Major Welsh Government Sponsored Bodies

60% Health Boards and NHS Trusts

42% 100 largest third sector organisations in Wales

6% Top 100 business in Wales


Women are underrepresented at all levels within the police:

29% Police and Crime Commissioners & Deputies

12% Chief and Deputy Chief Constables


38% of University Vice Chancellors

21% of Heads of FE Colleges

33% of Secondary School heads

60% of all head teachers

are women

Fire & Rescue

33% of Chief Fire Officers and Deputies in Wales are Women

Welsh Politics

There is vast variation in the levels of representation of women in Welsh politics from 50% of MEPs to only 5% of council leaders:

Assembly Member 42%

Welsh Gov. Cabinet 33%

Councillors 26%

MPs 23%

Council Leaders 9%


1. Welsh Government should build on current initiatives to tackle barriers and build confidence amongst under-represented groups interested in standing for public appointments and elected office, with a focus on supporting disabled people.

2. We call on all sectors to improve the data they collect and publish on the diversity of people in senior positions.

3. The UK Government should publish the evaluation of Access to Elected Office fund and provide an effective evidence based solution to ensure disabled people have equal prospects of gaining and remaining in elected office.