Response to misinformation about single-sex spaces guidance

Published: 11 Feb 2022

We are aware of online misinformation about guidance on single-sex spaces. It is false to suggest that we are looking to bar trans people from accessing spaces, such as public toilets, without a Gender Recognition Certificate.

In response, an EHRC spokesperson said:

“We aim to publish guidance on single-sex spaces in due course, in line with our mandate to advise on equality and human rights laws, and in response to longstanding calls from a range of stakeholders and service providers.

"Any guidance we produce will explain how to comply with the legal provisions approved by Parliament in the Equality Act.

“It is completely false to suggest that we are looking to bar trans people from accessing spaces without a Gender Recognition Certificate. We are not aware of any document produced by the EHRC that would support this.

"The Equality Act provisions on gender reassignment are not predicated on possession, or not, of a Gender Recognition Certificate.”

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