Older people and employment: Women and Equalities Committee report

Published: 17 Jul 2018

Commenting on the findings of the Women and Equalities Committee report on ageism in the workplace, Equality and Human Rights Commission Chief Executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said:

'Everyone has the right to work and the right to a working environment that allows them to achieve their full potential. It is unacceptable that ageism still exists in the workplace and there is a clear need to make people more aware of what age discrimination looks like and what to do if you experience or witness it.

'Equality in the workplace is one of our priority areas. We have taken and will continue to take robust enforcement action, using all of our statutory powers, to tackle unlawful discrimination and ensure that no one is excluded from the workplace. This includes enabling Britain’s employers to benefit from the talent and contributions of workers of all ages.

'The Commission’s findings have indicated that older workers face bias in recruitment and may need flexible working conditions. We have repeatedly called for the right to request flexible working to apply from day one in all jobs and have stressed the need for employers to make their workplaces accessible for everyone, including older people, parents and carers. We have also sought to tackle unconscious bias in recruitment by taking action against discriminatory adverts that request characteristics or terms that are associated with a particular age group. 

'We will carefully consider the findings in the Women and Equalities Committee’s report and will continue to work closely with the Government and organisations representing the needs of older people to tackle workplace discrimination in all forms.'

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