McGregor-Smith review: Government must produce a comprehensive race strategy

Published: 28 Feb 2017

Commenting on the McGregor-Smith review into the progression of black and minority ethnic talent in the workplace, which was published today, Equality and Human Rights Commission Chair David Isaac said:

“The colour of your skin or your race should never hold anyone back at work. Today’s review underlines the findings in our race report that entrenched inequality and unfairness still exists in our society.

“We welcome the plans set out by Baroness McGregor-Smith to drive change, but we are still of the view that the government must produce a comprehensive race strategy to tackle all the interrelated issues that hold people back. Without such an approach we are worried that divisions will continue to grow.

“It’s absolutely vital that business groups come together to promote the importance of diversity in the workplace and we look forward to being members of the new Business Diversity and Inclusion Group.”

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