Forty years too long to tackle gender pay gap

Published: 10 Nov 2016

Female earnings in the UK are less than men's and the gender pay gap means that women effectively stop earning, relative to men, on a date in November each year. In 2016 Equal Pay Day falls on Thursday 10 November.

Commenting on Equal Pay Day, Equality and Human Rights Commission Chief Executive Rebecca Hilsenrath said:

"After over 40 years since the enactment of legislation banning sex discrimination at work and in pay, it is shameful that women continue to face barriers that hold them back. We simply cannot ignore the scale of the disadvantages that working women face.

"Girls and women outperform men at every stage in education, but time after time this success is not translated into rewards at work. Women are a vital part of the workforce and any proposals to tackle the gender pay gap must be strong enough to deliver the change everyone wants to see. Forty years is long enough to do better. It's too long."

Notes to editors

Find out more about Equal Pay Day (the Fawcett Society)

The Equal Pay Act was passed on 26 May 1970, making it illegal to value women’s salaries less than men’s for the same role.

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