Agreement reached with the Presidents Club Dinner event staff agency

Published: 31 Jul 2018

Caroline Dandridge, whose agency supplied some of the event staff working at the Presidents Club Dinner, has entered into a legal agreement with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, we announced today.

We made contact with Ms Dandridge following media reports containing allegations concerning the behaviour of some guests at the Presidents Club Dinner towards event staff on the evening.

Ms Dandridge did not witness any such behaviour by guests and no formal complaints were received.

Nevertheless, she has willingly entered into the agreement with us to ensure best practice by undertaking additional training and working with us to ensure that she has updated her policies and procedures.

In particular, the agency's processes will be designed to encourage staff to speak up if they have any concerns and to deal with incidents effectively if complaints are made.

Equality and Human Rights Commission Chief Executive, Rebecca Hilsenrath, said:

'Employers have a clear responsibility to protect their staff. Ms Dandridge recognises this and has willingly agreed to work with us for the benefit of all of her staff. We look forward to working with her as she implements best practice for her workforce.'

Caroline Dandridge said:

'l remain committed to providing an appropriate working environment for all my staff and welcome this opportunity to update my policies and procedures with which the Commission is assisting me.'

We often work with businesses to improve policies and procedures, as we are doing with the agency. In cases where this is not possible or appropriate (unlike the present case), we can use a range of legal powers to make sure businesses comply.

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