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How fair is Britain?

  • Video overview

    Watch a short video introduction to 'How fair is Britain?', our first Triennial Review, produced in 2010.

  • Online summary

    Every three years we are required to report to Parliament on the progress that society is making in relation to equality, human rights and good relations. This is the report of our first Triennial Review.

  • Significant challenges

    We have identified 15 significant challenges that Britain is facing. Find out more here.

  • Background to 'How fair is Britain?' review

    Read more on the background to the How fair is Britain? review and its roots in the Equality Act 2006.

  • Context of 'How Fair is Britain?' review

    Read more about the context within this review sits and the key issues it looks at.

  • Full report and evidence downloads

    Download the full written report as well as the downloadable evidence that has fed into it.

  • How fair is Britain? Case studies

    Read case studies that illustrate the issues covered in the report.

  • Tackling the challenge of targeted harassment

    Look at research on public authority commitment and action on targeted harassment and violence

  • Report: All things being equal?

    Download our report All things being equal? - Our report looking at careers education and guidance shows there is an aspiration gap for some young people and identifies specific barriers facing different groups.

  • Tackling the challenge of identity-based bullying

    Reducing incidence of homophobic, transphobic, disability-related and religiously motivated bullying in schools and workplaces was identified as one of the 15 significant challenges for society to address. Read more about tackling the challenge.