Vulnerable workers reading list

The following is a selection of relevant books and journal articles on vulnerable workers. Please email our Library and Information Services Manager if you have a suggestion for a book or journal article to add to this list.

Abrams, F. (2002) Below the Breadline: Living on the Minimum Wage. London: Profile Books.

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Equality and Human Rights Commission (2014) The Invisible Workforce: Employment Practices in the Cleaning Sector. Manchester: Equality and Human Rights Commission.

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (2013) Empowering Vulnerable Adults to Tackle Labour Market Challenges. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

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Lewis, H., Dwyer, P. and Hodkinson, S. (2013) Precarious Lives: Experiences of forced labour among refugees and asylum seekers in England. Leeds: University of Leeds

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Platform on Forced Labour and Asylum (2014) Tackling Labour Exploitation Among Refugees and Asylum Seekers: a Guide. Leeds: The University of Leeds.

Pollert, A. (2007) The Unorganised Vulnerable Worker: the Weakness of External Remedy and the Case for Union Organising. Liverpool: Institute for Employment Rights.

Rogers, A. (2009) Recession, Vulnerable Workers and Immigration. Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS).

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Wills, J., May, J. and Datta, K. (2009) ‘London’s Migrant Division of Labour’, European, Urban and Regional Studies, 16, 3:.257-71.

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