Who does the reasonable adjustments duty apply to?

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The duty applies to any disabled person who:

  • works for you, or
  • applies for a job with you, or
  • tells you they are thinking of applying for a job with you.

It applies to all stages and aspects of employment. So, for example, where the duty arises you must make reasonable adjustments to disciplinary or dismissal procedures and decisions. It does not matter if the worker was a disabled person when they began working for you, or if they have become a disabled person while working for you.

The duty may also apply after employment has ended.

The duty also applies in relation to employment services, with some differences which are explained later in this part of the guide.

Reasonable adjustments may also be required in relation to occupational pension schemes. This is explained later in this part of the guide.

Last updated: 14 Apr 2016

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