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Our newsletter is accessible and quick to digest. We have reports on developments in discrimination and human rights in Scotland and Great Britain, as well as details of our training events, new guidance publications and other news.

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Scotland Equality Law Bulletin - January 2017

Our first edition of 2017 has an article from Lindsey Reynolds, Senior Solicitor at the Commission discussing the implications of three recent decisions of the European Court of Justice of the European Union.

Also included is the publicity for our Discrimination Law in 2017 conference, news of the Commission inquiry into housing for disabled people, Commission guidance on the law concerning religion or belief and the latest Commission research reports.

Scotland Equality Law Bulletin - November 2016

Our November 2016 edition begins with an article from Alan Glazer, Senior Solicitor at the Commission, analysing the judgment in the recent case of Snell v Network Rail.   

We also have the publicity for our upcoming legal training events and the latest Commission guidance on board diversity and the Public Sector Equality Duty for local authorities.

Scotland Equality Law Bulletin - September 2016

Welcome to our September 2016 edition. 

In the September 2015 edition of our Equality Law Bulletin we presented the results of our analysis of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Employment Tribunal statistics. One year on, Laura Hutchison, Senior Enforcement Officer at the Commission, presents an article with the most recent annual statistics (2015/16) and discusses what has changed. 

Also included is our biggest ever analysis of existing evidence into race equality in Scotland and focuses on poverty, education, employment, and housing, the latest Commission guidance and details of vacancies to the Commission’s Scotland Committee.

Scotland Equality Law Bulletin - July 2016

July’s edition has an article by Alan Glazer, Senior Solicitor at the Commission, on wheelchair accessibility in taxis and private hire vehicles.  We also have news of our joint family friendly working conference with the Scottish Employment Rights Network in September 2016. Also included is the Commission’s human rights website refresh and our latest guidance.

Scotland Equality Law Bulletin - May 2016

The May 2016 edition of our bulletin features a report by Iain Nisbet, Consultant Solicitor at Cairn Legal, on Court of Session decision on the case of DM v. Fife Council. The Equality and Human Rights Commission intervened in that case.

Also included are the Commission’s pregnancy and maternity discrimination research and recommendations and the latest Commission guidance and inquiry reports.

Scotland Equality Law Bulletin -  March 2016

Our March 2016 edition covers the case of A v The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. The bulletin also features the announcement by the Scottish Government of a number of commitments which will help to tackle the problem of discrimination faced by pregnant women and new mothers every year. The edition also has helpful guidance for employers and job applicants on discriminatory advertising and as well as the third episode of our series of webcasts, Equality: Online.

Scotland Equality Law Bulletin - January 2016

For our first edition of the new year, we include the newly released landmark report, ‘Is Scotland Fairer?’. This report is Scotland’s biggest ever study into equality and human rights. We also have a brief article giving a summary of the judgment in the case of Hurley v DWP in which the High Court in England ruled that including the Carers Allowance in the benefit cap is unlawful indirect discrimination against disabled people.

Last updated: 13 Jan 2017