Response to the Lords Select Committee inquiry on Financial Exclusion

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (the Commission) welcomes this opportunity to contribute to the inquiry of the Lords Financial Exclusion Committee. Our submission focusses on the financial exclusion faced by disabled people.

We consider the financial exclusion of disabled people to include not only the barriers that prevent disabled people from accessing mainstream financial services or undertaking financial transactions, but also those barriers which prevent disabled people from having equal financial resources which allow them to participate equally in society. Based on this definition, the barriers disabled people face to financial inclusion include being unable to find a job; being paid less; the impact of welfare changes; additional costs associated with their impairment; and barriers to accessing financial products and services.

As the body tasked by statute with enforcing the Equality Act 2010 and encouraging compliance with human rights instruments, we have set out the relevance of these standards for the financial exclusion of disabled people.

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Last updated: 13 Jan 2017