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Formal agreement with Done Brothers Ltd trading as Betfred


As a result of the Agreement Betfred have undertaken a full review of management practice in handling grievances and disciplinary proceedings; the retail Senior Management team have participated in Equality and Diversity training and attended a bullying and harassment webinar; specific diversity training has been rolled out throughout its organisation and it has conducted classroom or webinar training for all recruiters on recruitment practices, including the use of their new structured interview and shortlisting process. To further raise awareness of rights and responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010, and to help evaluate their progress, they have also introduced the ‘area team audit’. These audits are completed across all shops and are very extensive, covering retail standards, responsible gambling compliance, and security, in addition to Equality and Diversity.

In their final report Betfred thanked the Commission for the assistance given in helping them to raise the level of awareness and understanding of this important subject within the company. It maintains that the actions it has taken and measures put in place so far, under the Commission's guidance, has helped create an environment where the principles of Equality and Diversity are promoted. It strongly believes that the further steps it will take in the future will enable the organisation to achieve and maintain consistency across its entire Retail Estate.

Last updated: 05 May 2016