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Enforcement work

Enforcement work examples

Our enforcement powers are detailed on our Inquiries, investigations and wider powers page. This page gives examples of when we have exercised these enforcement powers.

Sports Direct

Sportsdirect.com Retail Limited entered into a formal agreement with the Commission. The retailer pledged to improve its services for disabled customers, thoroughly assessing its stores in Britain and to give all staff training to better understand the needs of disabled shoppers.

NHS Tayside

The Commission signed a formal agreement with NHS Tayside to ensure that in future they will meet their duty under the Equality Act 2010 to ensure all deaf patients have their communication needs met when accessing NHS Tayside's services.

The agreement comes after Sally Doering, a deaf woman, spent six days in Perth Royal Infirmary in 2013, without any access to a sign language interpreter despite repeated requests for one to be provided.

Last updated: 21 Jun 2016