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Legal aid for victims of discrimination

Our inquiry looked at whether legal aid enables people who raise a discrimination complaint in England and Wales to get justice.

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Read our report

Our report reveals that people are facing unnecessary barriers to justice and vulnerable individuals are not being supported to bring discrimination claims.

Read the report: Access to legal aid for discrimination cases

Lawyer in a meeting with a client

‘I would have liked a face-to-face meeting because at least then you can see the person that’s dealing with it; you can ask questions that you probably wouldn’t think of over the telephone or when you were doing an email.’

Deaf service user with a cognitive impairment, mental health condition and a physical impairment, interviewed together with his wife

'I don't earn enough in order to be able to afford a private solicitor yet legal aid judges me as financially ineligible for legal help. This system is very unfair on us low income single individuals.'

Service user

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