Future fair financial decision-making

This report sets out the activities undertaken and the improvements made since the publication of the Commission’s report of its Section 31 (S31) Assessment of HM Treasury’s  2010 Spending Review, Making Fair Financial Decisions. Based on this work, we also set out our expectations of any future large-scale review of Public Spending (which we term as a Spending Review throughout this report). The report also brings to a close this stage of the Commission’s work in the area of Fair Financial Decision-Making.

The report identifies improvements made by HM Treasury and other departments since the government's 2010 Spending Review, such as in the collection and use of equality data, and a new-toolkit to help policymakers consider the potential impact of decisions during policy development. However, it also highlights areas for improvement and sets out a route map for the next government to follow.

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Last updated: 19 May 2016