Fair Financial Decision-making Progress Report June 2014

The Commission has launched its Progress Report on improvements to fiscal decision-making since the original Assessment in 2012. This identifies positive improvements:

  • Good progress overall on HM Treasury’s collection and use of equality evidence for fiscal decision-making with action taken to address recommendations
  • Systemic improvements in data collection with a template for qualitative submissions on key areas of spend from Departments; HMT policy 'toolkit; consideration of equality impact in the early stages of policy development
  • HM Treasury published summary note on equality impacts of Spending Reviews (SRs)
  • Departments monitoring of impact of the SR 2010 measures in place - impact on people with protected characteristics some part of this.

We also identify scope for further improvements that we will be discussing with HM Treasury and stakeholders:

  • Clarifying a single point within government with formal responsibility for monitoring and assessing the cumulative impact of future spending reviews on people sharing different protected characteristics
  • Continuing to make improvements in the quality of data collection and use in order to support the assessment of impacts on different groups
  • Developing a cumulative impact modelling methodology for use with future spending reviews and fiscal events
  • Considering building on the report on equalities impact that HM Treasury published alongside the Spending Review 2013 by producing brief summary reports alongside fiscal events
  • Improving scrutiny of impact on different groups by: (a) extending the role of the Independent Challenge Groups for spending reviews to include equality as one of the issues they look at, and (b) identifying an independent body to scrutinise the impact of spending reviews and fiscal events on people sharing different protected characteristics

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In March 2013, the EHRC commissioned research to explore, develop and model the impact of various UK government policy changes in the 2010-15 period on groups of people with different protected characteristics. The research sought to address the question of the extent to which it is possible to use cumulative impact assessment techniques to analyse the equalities impacts of tax, welfare and spending policies. The research undertaken by NIESR with Landman Economics, informed the Commission’s 2014 report. 

Last updated: 22 Jun 2016