The Inquiry gathered a broad and authoritative evidence base from a wide range of individuals and organisations across England and Wales. We obtained a rounded picture of the supply chain: from the agency staff working on production lines, the work agencies that supply them, the processing firms at which they are placed, to the supermarkets who buy around 80% of the meat products from this sector. Our evidence base includes:

  • Written evidence from 150 organisations and individuals working in this sector, three-quarters of which were in languages other than English, half being in Polish.
  • Written evidence from supermarkets, unions, industry representative bodies, regulators, and government departments.
  • 140 face-to-face interviews with meat processing workers in 15 different locations across England and Wales, of which 120 were migrant workers.
  • Surveys of meat processing firms and agencies. We received 190 responses from meat and poultry processing firms and 131 responses from work agencies supplying labour to this sector.
  • Case studies into seven organisations – both processing firms and work agencies – which were recognised as displaying good practice in terms of recruitment, employment, equality and integration.

More details of the questions to which individuals and firms responded, or any other aspect of the Inquiry, can be obtained from us at: MeatInquiry@equalityhumanrights.com

Last updated: 26 May 2016