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Tackling the challenge of targeted harassment

Research on public authority commitment and action on targeted harassment and violence

The Triennial Review, 'How fair is Britain?' identified ending identity-based or targeted violence and harassment as one of the five most important objectives that must be met if we are to create a society in which every individual has an equal chance in life; human rights are respected; and prejudice is replaced by greater understanding.

Public authorities have an important role to play in achieving this objective. They deliver services at the frontline of tackling this problem and also have statutory obligations relevant to preventing targeted harassment such as the new public sector equality duty that came into force across Great Britain on 5 April 2011.

Our research report 74: Public authority commitment and action to eliminate targeted harassment and violence responds directly to the Triennial Review. The research surveyed over 200 public authorities from across Great Britain. It provides the first detailed insight into what public authorities are doing to meet the objective of ending harassment targeted at characteristics that are protected under the new public sector equality duty.

Last updated: 14 Apr 2016