What happens next in this review process?

The 15 challenges that we have identified through this process will inform our consideration of the Commission’s work programme and strategic priorities for the future. We do not attempt, however, to recommend specific policy solutions here, and recognise that in most cases the solutions do not lie directly in the Commission’s hands. Progress will depend on the choices of a number of different actors. Therefore we also recommend that these challenges should be the focus of attention from government and wider civil society in the months and years to come.

Making significant headway on each of these challenges will, we believe, make a powerful contribution to individuals’ lives, to their families, to the economy of the country as a whole, and to good relations between people of different backgrounds.

In 2013, the Commission is scheduled to carry out its next Triennial Review. The data from that exercise will help us measure society’s success, or failure, in addressing the significant challenges identified here; and the extent to which, as our economy and demography change, we continue to make progress towards being a society with fairness, dignity and respect for all.

The full text of the Triennial Review is due be laid before Parliament by the Government.

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Last updated: 22 Apr 2016