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How fair is Britain? Research reports

Research reports

In preparing for this triennial review we commissioned seven research institutions to conduct gap-filling research and analysis. These institutions focused on secondary analysis of existing data, identifying small-scale and qualitative research projects, and gauging the performance of the protected equality groups against the indicators in the Equality Measurement Framework (EMF)

The key areas that these research projects focused on are life and health, access to housing and standard of living, financial exclusion, civic life, employment, education and learning, legal and criminal justice, wellbeing. Some of the reports from this research are already available to download below and others will follow as they become finalised.

Financial Exclusion


Developing the Employment Evidence Base, Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster (PDF)

Education and Learning

Additional analysis

Equality and human rights in schools, NFER Teacher Voice, March 2010 (Word)


Wellbeing, Young Foundation (Word)

Life and Health

Life and Health, Centre for Health and Social Care Research, Sheffield Hallam University

Access to Housing and Standard of Living

Access to Housing and Standard of Living, Centre for Housing Policy, University of York

Civic Life

Civic life; evidence base for the Triennial Review (PDF) Institute for Social Change, University of Manchester

Last updated: 06 Nov 2017