External Resources

Scottish Disability Directory

This directory provides contact information for a large number of organisations across Scotland providing advice, support and information on a wide range of issues, and covers all the protected characteristics, not just disability. This directory lets you search by topic (category),  local authority area, postcode or keyword.

Scottish Government Equality Evidence Website

The Scottish Government have developed a welcome new resource to make Scottish equality evidence easier to find and use. The Scottish Government Equality Evidence website features a new evidence finder tool which allows users to find information for 7 of the 9 protected equality characteristics across 15 of the key policy areas of Scottish Government.

The website also includes the introductory and main elements of the new Scottish Equality Evidence Framework. This Framework provides guidance on various aspects of equality analysis - for example the recommended questions to ask when collecting information on equality characteristics and a resource pack produced by Scottish Government when carrying out an equality impact assessment of budget decisions.

The development of this website demonstrates the Scottish Government's commitment to equality. It is the first of several steps the Scottish Government are taking to help Scotland's public authorities meet the new specific duties of the Equality Act.

Human Rights


This website is a digital resource explaining human rights and tackling the myths combining easy to understand text, infographics and video

Scottish Human Rights Commission

The Scottish Human Rights Commission are an independent public body, accountable to the people of Scotland through the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body, who promotes and protects human rights for everyone in Scotland.


Last updated: 01 Jul 2016