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The effect of tax and welfare reforms

Our research looking at the effects of tax, welfare, social security and public spending.

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Public spending changes

We looked at the effect of changes to public spending on protected groups in England, Scotland and Wales.

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Tom's story

Tom was diagnosed with autism in 2015.

Despite having a diagnosis, he has struggled to receive Personal Independence Payments.

He has three voluntary jobs but has found it difficult to get paid work.

He has to rely on people to lend him money or take him to where he needs to go.

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    The impact of tax and welfare reforms

    Our research showed that changes have a negative impact on disabled people, certain ethnic minorities and women.

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    Evidence review

    The evidence used in our report, including a literature review, recipient analysis and stakeholder interviews.

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    Press release

    One and a half million more children in poverty by 2022.

Last updated: 15 Apr 2021