Two police officers in the street walking towards a disabled person in an electric wheelchair

Crime and disabled people report

Report updating the Commission's research findings on crime and disabled people.

  • A woman in a wheelchair looks through her window blinds.

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    Research report 103 - Crime and disabled people: measures of disability-related harassment.

  • A man with Downs Syndrome searches for information on an iPad

    Research report data

    View or download the supporting data used to compile the report on crime and disabled people.

  • Young disabled boy completing a worksheet

    Press release

    Disabled children almost twice as likely to be the target of crime.

  • A person tracing their fingers across a Braille book.

    Our previous research

    Read about our inquiry into disability-related harassment and access previous reports, guidance and information.

British Sign Language video of the easy read report

  • Disability advice and guidance

    Guidance on your rights as a disabled person, your duties as an employer or service provider and all the latest news and information.

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