Organisational structure: senior staff

Chief executive officer

Marcial Boo

Marcial manages two executive directors.

Executive directors

  • Cath Denholm
    Executive Director
    Corporate Improvement, Scotland and Compliance
  • Melanie Field
    Executive Director
    Strategy, Policy, Legal and Wales

Cath Denholm and Melanie Field manage seven directors.


Reporting to Cath Denholm:

  • Erica Boardman
    Acting Director, Partnerships, Communications and Engagement
  • Joe Corcos
    Director, People and Infrastructure
  • Jackie Killeen
    Director (Secondment in), Compliance
  • Bill Malloy
    Director, Finance, Procurement, Planning Performance and Governance

Reporting to Melanie Field:

  • Alastair MacDonald
    Director, Policy and Human Rights Monitoring
  • Adam Sowerbutts
    Director, Legal and Enforcement
  • Luke Taylor
    Director (Secondment in), Evidence and Strategy

How the organisation is run

Last updated: 08 Oct 2021