Organisational structure: senior staff

Chief executive officer

Position vacant

We are currently recruiting for our new Chief Executive Officer. Our two Executive Directors, Cath Denholm and Melanie Field, are sharing the Acting CEO role until the appointment is made.

Alastair manages two executive directors.

Executive directors

  • Cath Denholm
    Executive Director
    Corporate Improvement, Scotland and Compliance
  • Melanie Field
    Executive Director
    Strategy, Policy, Legal and Wales

Cath Denholm and Melanie Field manage seven directors.


Reporting to Cath Denholm:

  • Erica Boardman
    Acting Director, Partnerships, Communications and Engagement
  • Joe Corcos
    Director, People and Infrastructure
  • Jackie Killeen
    Director (Secondment in), Compliance
  • Bill Malloy
    Director, Finance, Procurement, Planning Performance and Governance

Reporting to Melanie Field:

  • Alastair MacDonald
    Director, Policy and Human Rights Monitoring
  • Adam Sowerbutts
    Director, Legal and Enforcement
  • Luke Taylor
    Director (Secondment in), Evidence and Strategy

How the organisation is run

Last updated: 21 Jul 2021