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The Commission regularly reviews its services and considers opportunities to provide improved and consistent standards.

In order to deliver to the widest range of stakeholders, we have now contracted one of the most advanced telecommunications services to ensure Deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact us on an equitable basis to hearing stakeholders.

We currently provide access to BSL or SSE (Sign Supported English) users via text talk or text phone provision. Both of these services require the BSL user to have to communicate in written English - however, we know that this does not provide an equitable service as most BSL users do not use English as a first language.

Video relay services provide a system for converting BSL to speech and vice versa in telephone conversations. They do this through a video relay assistant who makes the conversion, providing the BSL translation in the form of streaming video, available to Deaf BSL users through an internet connection linked to an embedded icon on a service provider's website.

You can now contact the Equality and Human Rights Commission for information about us and our work via the sign video service, including making a Freedom of Information request, for Data Protection Act requests and for complaints about our service.

To use SignVideo BSL interpreting service

Check your Operating system requirements

Before using SignVideo BSL Live, please ensure you meet these basic requirements as a minimum:

  • PC or Mac with a webcam
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome (PC only) or Safari
  • bandwidth of at least 256 kbp/s upload and download (384kbp/s recommended)

If this is your first time, you will need to download a one-off Live plug-in. The Live plug-in enables good video quality and ensures that your calls are secure. Please follow the instructions once you are connected to the Web Access page.

This service to the Commission is free from your own home and is available during office hours.

For troubleshooting and technical guidance, please contact or call 020 3388 0771.

How does it work?

  • visit SignVideo BSL Live
  • connect to a SignVideo interpreter and tell them you are calling the Equality and Human Rights Commission
  • SignVideo Interpreter may ask you if you wish to prepare anything before starting the call. For example, is there any person or department you wish connect to?
  • you will then be connected to an advisor in British Sign Language (BSL)

About SignVideo

SignVideo is a specialist state-of the art video centre staffed by fully qualified and registered (NRCPD/SASLI) BSL/English interpreters, who are available on demand.

For troubleshooting and technical guidance, please contact or call 020 3388 0771.

Last updated: 12 Jul 2017