Health and social care

Briefing for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election: our recommendations about health and social care

We believe that all parties should commit to these policy priorities for the 2021 to 2026 session of the Scottish Parliament:

  • Reform the social care system to put the interests of those being cared for at its heart. Adequate provision of social care that respects the rights and meets the needs of older and disabled people, while valuing staff, is essential if we are to develop a wellbeing economy. This will support people‚Äôs dignity, while reducing the caring responsibilities faced disproportionately by women.
  • Detention under mental health legislation should not discriminate. People with protected characteristics should not be disproportionately detained. Adequate community-based alternatives must be available to meet the needs of different groups, including disabled people, older people, LGBT people, and people from ethnic minorities (and the intersections of these).
  • We need a better understanding of people in our mental health system. The Scottish Government must work with health boards and others to obtain a comprehensive picture of the protected characteristics of those being detained and treated, and in what circumstances, in order to provide appropriate care and meet differing needs.

Last updated: 05 Nov 2020